Build your own public cloud or private cloud with XMLRAD
Build HTML5 web apps based on DSL (Domain Specific Language):
  • XMLGram to create XMLServices using DBExtract to select from DB, DBBatch to update DB, macros using programming patterns such as RetroFit and Multicast
  • XQL (eXtensible Query Language) to select records in the embedded database
  • Load/store record/dataset as DOM XML and JSON
  • XTL (eXtensible Template Language) to design HTML5 pages based on templates targeting multiple layouts: desktop, mobile and tablet devices

XMLRAD includes an HTTPS Embedded Web Server compiled using Delphi, FreePascal or Lazarus,
All certificates renewal automatically managed with LetsEncrypt authority,
The WebApp server runs natively on Windows x86/x64, Linux x86/x64/arm32/arm64.
The XMLRAD stack can be built for Ultibo to run as a kernel on RPi.
XMLRAD supports WebAssembly to run WebApps as native binary in the browser.


Since 2006 we focused our developpement to improve the performance of XMLRAD for our main Cloud and BigData business to scale very large numbers of users on servers.
Meanwhile we were also concerned by the existing XMLRAD community asking new features to meet up to date best capabilities.

We want to continue to accept submissions from the community of developpers. We decided that the best way was to open source and share our developments.

Our objective is to drive the new versions taking the best submissions and feature requests from the community.

Delos Labs is happy to announce that XMLRAD project contains both our original work and modified open source software, licensed under the ISC License (equivalent to the 2-clause BSD license).

XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development) is now available as open source. This marks another milestone in the very long history of this application server.
The code is placed under ISC License, this should allow for good cross pollination with other web tier projects.

Source code is available at SourceForge

It is therefore apt that we reemphasize our commitment to the open source community and good corporate citizenry by giving back the body of our work that addresses these core values.

With this in mind, we introduce XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development). In compliance with both the letter and the spirit of the ISC, any open source software we've modified has been made available as part of XMLRAD LTD. We devoted considerable time and resources to this project and wanted to be as thorough as possible; we have further verified our compliance with open source license policies by completing an internal code audit.

XMLRAD LTD (Long Term Development) will continuously be sponsored and supported by DelosLabs.

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